The removal of localisation restrictions could generate up to €8bn per year
Mariya Gabriel
Data lies at the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This is an essential resource for economic growth, competitiveness, innovation, creation and society's progress in general. The European Data Economy is now truly taking off. The value of the EU data economy was €300bn in 2016, representing 1.99 % of GDP. In 2016, there were 254,000 data companies, 661,000 data user companies and 6.16 million data professionals employed.
The deal agreed at the G20 is a dead in the water and serves the short-term interests of the US and Russia
Gregory Stiles
The budding relationship between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Hamburg was the crowning image of a fractious gathering of world leaders. Yet the promise that an historic agreement has been reached over Syria is a hollow one.
Ljupco Arsovski
Good neighbourly relations have been among the Republic of Macedonia’s main priorities since 1991, when we declared independence following the disintegration of former Yugoslavia. This mainly refers to good relations with neighbouring countries and the European Union.