May has to satisfy interests in Dublin, Belfast and Brussels on Northern Ireland's future status to make talks progress
Andrew Hammond
Last Monday, a draft deal Theresa May brokered with Commission President Jean Claude Juncker on the Irish border issue was torpedoed by the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which props up her minority government in Westminster. The UK Prime Minister is now trying to pick up the political pieces from this humiliation before going back to Brussels for a last-gasp attempt to salvage “sufficient progress” from the first phase of the Brexit negotiations.
Angela Merkel would be better off in a minority government in such fragmented parliament
Tom Quinn
The collapse of talks to form a coalition government in Germany has left an unsettling sense of uncertainty in Europe’s biggest democracy. In a country where stability is valued above all else, no-one is sure what comes next. The election in September produced a fragmented result. The radical-right AfD made big gains and the two major parties, Angela Merkel’s Christian-democratic CDU/CSU and the social-democratic SPD suffered significant losses.
Lyubcho Troharov
During its upcoming Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Bulgarian government should concentrate on the most important matter from Sofia’s point of view – the opening of the western gate to Bulgaria, the Pan-European Transport Corridor №8.