Why all of Europe's elections should be on the same day
Giles Merritt
Here's a sharp knife to cut through the tangled knot of Europe's politics - let's hold all national parliamentary elections on the same day as voting for the European Parliament. Last week's Italian election results look like being indigestible for weeks to come, perhaps months. Meanwhile, Europe can look forward to five more national polls - Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Sweden - before the autumn. Next year there are six - Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Greece and Poland - as well as the mid-year European elections.
The question for Europe now is whether it needs to de-couple its strategy toward regional powers from that of the US
Jeremy Shapiro
Geopolitical competition has made a roaring come back in recent years. Russian President Vladimir Putin, always on the cutting edge of new fads, welcomed the new era with flair last week by introducing an entire new generation of nuclear weapons aimed at the US. But despite Putin's nostalgia for the bipolar arms race of the Cold War, US-Russian rivalry is just one example of the new era of great power competition. Indeed, the US, under its mercurial president and a hawkish Republican administration, seems to be at odds with a growing array of powers.
Lorenzo Marini
With many worried about a Russian information offensive in the West, European states are in the process of developing defence mechanisms. Unfortunately, several seem to be reacting with a legalistic approach that will likely do more harm than good.