Malinov is trying to turn Bulgaria into the fifth column of Moscow
A close associate of the Bulgarian Madoff Tsvetan Vassilev is Nikolay Malinov, who is a liaison officer of his Russian oligarch friends like Konstantin Malofeev. He assumed the role of Kremlin’s spearhead for imposing Russian influence over Bulgaria. Businessman and ex-MP, who is a longtime Chair of the National Russophile movement is officially considered the main mouthpiece of the Kremlin in Bulgaria. Last week he made appearance on the international scene after taking part in the 4th International Livadian Forum that took place in the Crimea, a peninsula Russia annexed from Ukraine. The forum was held under the auspices of the Upper House of the Federal Assembly of Russia and was attended by the world Russophile organizations.
Capital conspirators hide loans extended to Bulgarian Madoff's shell companies
The past week once again demonstrated the symbiotic relationship existing between Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev, manifesting itself in joint action against Peevski. The topic this time around were documents from the ongoing court case against Vassilev, which the weekly Capital published in several consecutive issues, without explaining how those documents came into the newspaper’s possession.
All revenues of the MP of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and our publisher Delyan Peevski are beyond suspicion while he and his businesses have been a subject to audit from 2003 onwards. Peevski himself is rated among the largest taxpayers in Bulgaria and reports against him have been terminated due to the absence of elements of crime. This was established during the last of many inspections, which this time was performed by the new Corruption Combat and Illegal Assets Forfeiture Commission.
Bulgarian Madoff dyes his Russian ties
Fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev tried to hide his Russian ties recently, much like he hides his white hair with henna. In the spirit of our article “A leopard can’t change its spots”, Vassilev had a frenetic video session on the internet, an interview with which he subjected viewers to a lowly propaganda treatment of lies and yet the only thing he undeniably managed to show is that he has dyed his hair. Aside from sporting a new hair colour, which quickly turned into the main topic of internet forum comments, Tsvetan Vassilev also unsuccessfully tried to don an anti-Russian camouflage.
Power brokers again rev up agent Sasho against Peevski
State Security “sleeper agent” Sasho, Bulgaria's former ambassador in Moscow Ilian Vassilev, was again urgently activated. The Bulgarian behind-the-scenes powers used their “sleeper agent” to attack the main opponent of the oligarchy, Delyan Peevski.
Bulgarian Madoff exposes his Russian ties
The financial scammer hiding in Serbia is issuing instructions to his people in Bulgaria with hand-written notes delivered by messenger. Telegraph came into possession of some of the correspondence and published it on 18 June. A package sent anonymously to the newspaper’s editorial office contained a letter and several hand-written notes.