MRF lawmaker Hamid Hamid:
The same people are against the CorpBank bill and the amendments to the Constitution
Vasil Zahariev, Radoslav Kirov
Our proposal is very concise but extremely important in my opinion. We had the bill written as early as last week. In other words, what Mr Tsonev announced in a TV appearance last Sunday was based on an already drawn up bill, on which I collaborated with him, Mr Peevski and other members of the MRF parliamentary group. The bill envisions amendments to Article 31, Paragraph 7 of the Constitution, which stipulates the offences not subject to a time limit for litigation.
It runs on money from Brussels and yet lies that Delyan Peevski's media outlets receive such financial backing
Close to BGN 1m in European Union funding has gone to media outlets and NGOs part of the Fake News Factory. According to a check by the Monitor News Agency in the databases of the Public Procurement Agency and the Information System for Management and Monitoring of the EU Structural Instruments in Bulgaria, the Capital circle and its satellite oligarchy-controlled media outlets have pocketed BGN 740,422 from the EU.
The owner of Mediapool Stoyana Georgieva can be viewed as the pioneer of fake news in Bulgaria. Having served as a spokesperson for former PM Ivan Kostov during his term in office, Georgieva went on to establish her own “online newspaper”, through which she has continued to play the role of the Voice of Kostov over the years.
Prokopiev turns on lie machine
The oligarch Ivo Prokopiev has put his media machine for lies to work in a bid to protect his property from being distrained by the Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (CIAF). In the early morning of 14 November his publications Dnevnik and Capital, as well as their like-minded website Mediapool, published a hysterical open letter penned by the publishers of the Economedia media group. It says that the head of CIAF Plamen Georgiev is being “strongly pressured by the prosecutor general” and by our publisher MP Delyan Peevski to put Prokopiev’s property under distraint.
Mediapool heaps slander on Peevski
Stoyana Georgieva, once spokesperson for former PM Ivan Kostov, obviously decided to take the short cut in her latest lampoon targeting our publisher MP Delyan Peevski. From the moment that the bill amending the Bank Insolvency Act with the view of stopping the secondary looting of CorpBank assets was introduced, the Fake News Factory has amped up its vicious attacks against Peevski, who is among the proponents of the bill.