The protesters have a falling out over candidate lists
The Yes, Bulgaria coalition, consisting of the party of failed minister of justice Hristo Ivanov and oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and its two crutches - the Greens and the Movement for European Unity and Solidarity (MEUS) - seems on the verge of disintegrating before the early general elections. The coalition partners have had a falling out over candidate lists. Petko Kovachev, one of the Greens activists, broke down social media with a Facebook post, lifting the curtain on relations between the coalition’s members.
The Rousse shipyard’s assets have been moved through the books of several firms so as to be hidden from bankruptcy administrators
Monitor Agency
Some BGN 33m worth of machinery of the Rousse shipyard have been acquired for chickenfeed by a newly founded firm. The scandalous case, one of the many machinations through which CorpBank is being robbed for the second time, is described in the analysis that the bankruptcy administrators of the failed bank published on 9 February.
The grants that oligarch Ivo Prokopiev has received from George Soros’s foundation Open Society and the America for Bulgaria Foundation will be audited by the Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (CIAF).
Debtor registers as lender
No less outrageous is the story surrounding another of CorpBank’s major debtors, Simprolit-BG AD. The company has two outstanding loans to the combined tune of €6.7m.
Mediapool misconstrues administrators' analysis
Economedia’s allied website Mediapool is purposefully misconstruing the analysis on CorpBank’s problematic assets, published by the bank’s bankruptcy administrators.
In Brief
Even card cheats are less shameless
The fake news factory has churned its latest batch of inept goods in an attempt to conceal the schemes of its puppeteers Ivan Kostov and Tsvetan Vassilev and draw attention away from their crimes.

Several weeks after Capital fabricated a story about the poor condition of the railway and ran fake news about Delyan Peevski’s involvement in the repairs of the railway infrastructure, the boutique website of Stoyana Georgieva, the former spokesperson for Ivan Kostov, reiterated the talking point under the guise of a sham investigation.

Capital’s manipulations regarding the activities of the National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC) are used as basis for yet another fake news by Mediapool. “Of a grand total of BGN 384m that NRIC spent on repairs over the past four years, BGN 234m, or about two thirds of the sum, went to companies affiliated to Peevski,” wrote Capital. “… the termination of the NRIC’s framework agreement for track repairs, under which firms affiliated to Peevski used up nearly BGN 300m over the past four years…,” wrote Mediapool later. Aside from the fact that the assertion is completely false, the website inflates the number outrageously, something even a card cheat would not dare.

Glitch in fake news factory Even the tireless fake news factory sometimes experiences glitches. This is the only explanation for the assertion of the website Bivol that the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, US billionaire George Soros and Bulgarian politician Delyan Peevski are in collusion to win a public procurement procedure for electronic voting machines. We do not pretend to know whether Chavez, Soros and Peevski are conspiring together with the Central Election Commission, as the article insinuates. Neither can we guarantee that there are no aliens among us disguised as tadpoles that manipulate exchange indices in Indonesia through magnetic field. Apparently, news websites can always surprise readers, especially if the latter expect an article and not a fantasy short story. The fact that the head of Bivol, Atanas Chobanov, has been indicted in France for libel should not surprise anyone.