Munich Security Report warns of the possible coming of a post-Western age
With the rise of populism threatening the current global order through a power vacuum caused by a possible US withdrawal from the global stage to the heightened threat of military escalation, the world is heading towards a post-Western age and is experiencing an “illiberal moment”. That is the essence of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) annual report published last Monday.
Six years after the Gaddafi era, the country remains in turmoil
Controversial information arrived last week from Cairo where leaders of the two hostile camps were invited to find a solution to the turmoil in the country.
Serbia has issued more than 100 arrest warrants for persons suspected of committing war crimes in Kosovo and Metohija in the late 1990s, Tanjug reported. The issue of international warrants became a subject of fierce dispute between Pristina and Belgrade.
Trump-Netanyahu: a love confession
President Donald Trump said in a joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, following their White House meeting on 15 February, that Israel has no better ally than the US and the US has no better ally than Israel.
G20 foreign ministers turn all eyes to Africa
Foreign ministers of G20 discussed ways to fight poverty in Africa, strengthen governmental institutions and better utilise the potential of many African countries while meeting in Bonn last Thursday and Friday, news wires reported.
Saudi Arabia uncovers IS cells, arrests 18 men
The Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry announced last Wednesday that authorities have arrested 18 suspects belonging to the Islamic State terrorist group, news wires reported.