Lawmakers accuse president over foreign state payments to his businesses
More than 190 Democratic lawmakers filed last Wednesday a complaint against President Donald Trump in federal court, saying he had accepted funds from foreign governments through his businesses without congressional consent in violation of the US Constitution, news wires reported. According to them, Trump had not sought congressional approval for any of the payments his hundreds of businesses had received from foreign governments since he took office in January, even though the Constitution requires him to do so.
Qatar and Saudi Arabia are major sponsors of the insurgency
Confrontation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia is creating unease among Syrian rebels who expect the crisis between two of their biggest state backers to deepen divisions in the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.
Panama broke off more than a century of diplomatic relations with Taiwan and established them with China instead last Monday. The move was "the right path for our country," Panama’s President Juan Carlos Varela said, arguing that China represented 20% of the world's population and the second largest economy. Beijing is the second most important user of the Panama Canal, the president also said.
War wing wins Kosovo elections
No single party would be able to govern alone in Kosovo, according to the non official results of snap elections, held last Sunday.
Japan passes anti-terror law among protests
Japan passed a controversial anti-terror conspiracy law last Thursday despite street protests and warnings, including from the UN officials, that it would stomp on citizens' privacy rights and lead to over-the-top police surveillance.
Justice march in Turkey for jailed lawmaker
Several thousand people took to the streets of Turkey's two biggest cities on 15 June to protest against a 25-year prison sentence handed down to an opposition lawmaker on spying charges.