President Gjorge Ivanov refuses to sign law, making Albanian second official language
Macedonia faces a new political crisis as president Gjorge Ivanov refused again to sign legislation to make Albanian the country's second official language, news wires reported. Ivanov, a close ally of the nationalist VMRO-DPMNE party, which is in opposition, had refused to ratify the law in January, but last Wednesday lawmakers approved it for a second time amid protests inside parliament and outside the building. Under Macedonia's constitution, the president can't veto legislation approved in two separate votes. But Ivanov said in a statement, cited by AP, that proper parliamentary procedure hadn't been followed.
PM Theresa May retaliating moves were backed by EU, US and NATO
Relations between Britain and Russia cooled to a level not seen since the Cold War, news wires reported last week. PM Theresa May announced on 14 March that the UK will expel 23 diplomats and freeze high-level contacts, blaming Kremlin for the poisoning of a former spy on Britain's land.
More than 7.3m Cubans voted in the parliamentary elections last Sunday, which marks the start of a historic generational change in Cuba's leadership, Xinhua reported. According to the National Electoral Commission, 82.9% of the registered voters headed to polls to elect 605 lawmakers of the National Assembly of People's Power and provincial assemblies.
The biggest US administration shakeup triggered by a tweet
The US President Donald Trump fired the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last Tuesday and said he would nominate CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him, news wires reported. The State Department said Tillerson only learned of his termination when he read Trump's tweet on Tuesday morning.