President Erdogan accuses US of betraying an ally, creating terror enclave on its border
The Trump administration is backtracking on its description of a planned new security force in north-eastern Syria amid escalating threats by Turkey to launch a cross-border assault against the Kurdish group involved. It is clear now that the US is not wholesale leaving the country, but instead planning to train up a 30,000-strong force to assist local Kurds in keeping a grasp on the land they now control northeast of the Euphrates River. US officials had originally described it as a Border Security Force that would guard the perimeter of the self-proclaimed Kurdish enclave taking shape in north-eastern Syria. With the fight against Islamic State winding down, the US envision that the establishment of the force would be stationed eastward, policing the militants' traditional smuggling route between Iraq and Syria, as well as passageways with Turkey to the north.
The mafia-style murder threatens to reignite tensions in the ethnically divided country
The leader of the Serbian Civic Initiative party in Kosovo, Oliver Ivanovic, was last Tuesday murdered in front of his office in Kosovska Mitrovica, news wires reported. The 64-year-old moderate Serb politician, a rare voice for coexistence of ethnic Albanians and Serbs, was shot six times with a Zastava M70A pistol and later died of his wounds in the local hospital. There were no witnesses to the shooting and Ivanovic was found lying in the street. According to a prosecutor in Kosovo, he was shot from a passing-by car.
Fierce clashes broke out at Libyan capital's only working international airport last Monday, killing at least 20 people and damaging planes. Officials said that the attacks were carried out by militiamen trying to free colleagues held in a nearby prison, which holds some 2,500 people, including IS suspects.
Tougher sanctions calls amid N Korea's wooing for Olympics
The two Koreas last Wednesday agreed to form a united women's hockey team and march together under a unified peninsula flag at next month's Winter Olympics in the South, news wires reported.