15 June, 2018
8 June, 2018
Delyan Peevski: Reports against me have failed miserably
They contain only lies and are intended to generate media noise and fake news

Grant-funded puppet spews fake news
A new mouthpiece of the behind-the-scenes clique emerges on the scene thanks to one of the oligarchy's flagships for media fabrications

BG Madoff has his pawns lying about Magnitsky Act again
The fugitive banker is panicking at the looming retribution; instructs a paid defender to champion his cause on agent Academician's website

Oligarchy with 'active measures' against Peevski
Pseudo-journalist drains French coffers
Vassilev tries to slap his Russian ties onto Peevski
A leopard can’t change its spots
Co-player of Bulgarian Madoff - Kremlin’s spearhead
Anti-corruption commission confirms: Delyan Peevski’s money is clear
Bulgarian Madoff dyes his Russian ties
1 June, 2018
Courts controlled by several oligarchs protecting Bulgarian Madoff's loot
Lozan Panov's minions attack law intended to prevent CorpBank's secondary plundering

Farce scripted by Kostov: the Bulgarian Madoff and Prokopiev pitted against each other
The oligarch from Razgrad is trying to cut the umbilical cord tying him to Tsvetan Vassilev

Confession: Capital guiltily rewrites its CorpBank book with articles
Vassilev credited with 64 offshore firms; no mention of those in The State CorpBank or the Prokopiev’s conciliatory interview with the fugitive banker

The magistrate seen with a puppet of Tsvetan Vassilev
25 May, 2018
Boyko Borisov: Instead of divided, let us celebrate holidays together
Bulgarians, Macedonians visit the grave of St. Cyril in Rome for the first time in marking 24 May

Anonymous sites abroad run fake news about Bulgaria
Registered outside of the country, they chime in with the Fake News Factory in English

Vassilev's paid pawns defame Bulgaria before US Congress
18 May, 2018
Frognews drags US senator into fake news item
The website blatantly lies that John Cornyn has talked about the Magnitsky Act claim

Tusk and Radev turn down Fake News Factory's conference
The son of the murdered Maltese journalist also refused to be used by Prokopiev and his circle

Conveyor belt for lies against Peevski
Politika, Monitor and Telegraph launch a media transparency campaign

The Economist ranks Bulgaria 49th in freedom of speech
Execution units determine rankings
Frognews reads EU resolution like the devil reads the Bible
Bulgarian Madoff sponsors agent Academician with 300 'big ones'
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