19 January, 2018
Major flashback of Pink Floyd run in Rome
Exhibition, titled 'Their Mortal Remains', opens in MACRO

Funnycross with Christo Guelov
The artist conquers Europe with two bags of paint and $200 in the pocket

Small artistic revolution
The French tour of the National Theatre's production of Delhi Dance is a tremendous success

Bulgaria's wonders on UNESCO list
Sarah Chang with concert in Sofia
Bayeux Tapestry to leave France for the first time
DiCaprio and Tarantino to make another film together
Immortality opens Sofia MENAR film festival
12 January, 2018
La Scala stars shine in Sofia
Opera diva Katia Ricciarelli and tenor Francesco Zingariello will captivate the Bulgarian audience on 14 April

We should love others as we love ourselves
Even though it might seem otherwise, the art of theatre is harsh and exorcises vanity

Best art biennials
Manifesta travels to Sicily and a new triennial is due to open in the US, Glasgow and Liverpool welcome back their big exhibitions

New life for Iron Church
Berlin Philharmonic under Antonio Pappano's baton
Yordan Kamdzhalov conducts Lisa Gerrard
Settlement of Etruscan age found in Sardinia
Starchev in the workshop's quiet
Recent past brought to life in Sofia
5 January, 2018
Bridges that bring peoples together
Leeuwarden, Valetta launch EU Capital of Culture programmes

The conductor who paints music
Gallic blood runs through maestro Ognian Mitonov's veins thanks to his paternal great-great-grandfather

Artist meets writer
The National Art Gallery and the National Literary Museum present intriguing and unfamiliar works by 49 authors

It grows but does not age
Double dose of pop meditation with Sting
Carmen does not die, but exacts revenge
Berlinale announces competition programme
Beatrice Venezi makes guest appearance in Sofia Opera
Blind woman named reader of the year
15 December, 2017
Young@Opera conquers the Balkans
The project will present over 50 young and talented singers in 30 opera shows in Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia

I love the symbiosis between art forms
My career path so far has been my big role, with a capital R

Shifting Layers
Some 35 young Bulgarian artists from across the world are showcased in an exhibition in Sofia

V&A opens doors in China
Lubaina Himid wins 2017 Turner prize
Musicians play with 20 hands in Sarajevo
Christmas book fair
Swedish film wins European Oscars
8 December, 2017
Spirit of Europe takes over Sofia
The programme features works by composers from all Member States

Sometimes we drop our heroes
We're a bit like Frankenstein, taking different parts from different styles and bringing them to life

Visegrad Quartet focal point of literary festival
The event is part of the Sofia International Book Fair

Masterpieces of gold and silver
European Heritage Label expands
60 painters and sculptors argue about reality
Anxieties of a genius seen by Konchalovsky
Vera Nedkova art shown in retrospective
Blazej Lniski's transformations
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