15 June, 2018
Europe and the Sea
An exhibition shows its significant role in the continent's development

A poster must cry out
Computers are exceptionally handy, all depends on who is using them

Bacon, Giacometti in joint exhibition
Parallels and contrasts between the two artists revealed

Sanctuary by the sea
Art Basel displays 290 galleries, 4000 artists
Takeda Puppet Theatre pays first visit to Bulgaria
Never-before-heard Prince album comes out
The Afternoon of an Ideology
Metallica receives Polar Music Prize
8 June, 2018
Highways of silence
Piano Plus project for electroacoustic music starts off with a pioneer performance

Music is a sanctuary
When the women of The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices sing, it is as if they have cathedrals inside their throats

Eleven-year-old violinist wins Grand Prix in Italy
Victor Vassilev once again reflects praise on Bulgaria. Only two months ago, he was acclaimed also in Brussels

Biggest ever Thracian hoard
Hermitage Museum pays visit to Vienna
0 for Black, 1 for White
Bulgarian art to be exhibited in Pompidou
Bob Marley alive again in a biopic on large screen
George Clooney awarded for lifetime achievements
1 June, 2018
Creative Europe's successes to go on
Its €1.081bn MEDIA segment will be geographically broadened

The viola is a cosmic instrument
When I decide to do something, I make the conscious choice to fall in love with that idea

Art as form of protest
Exhibition at the British Museum presents underground stories of rebellion and dissent

Gem of Roman urbanisation
Virtuoso violinist returns to Sofia
Exhibition of Banksy in Russia for the first time
Bruges: the liquid city
New technologies take over Varna Summer
25 May, 2018
Star-studded cast shines in Aida
Renowned Italian maestro Giordano Bellincampi conducts one of the most beloved Verdi operas in Sofia

Life is salsa, so dance it
Europeans age quickly because they take problems to heart

Ennio Calabria's great return in Sofia
Contrast Art Gallery presents works by one of the most notable representatives of European figurative painting

Bulgaria introduces Cyrillic script to EU
Short films compete in 'In the Palace'
Venice: Freespace for architecture
Man Booker for Polish novel in English
Feeling the ground beneath slipping
18 May, 2018
Cultural Heritage praised
Europa Nostra Awards go to 29 winners from 17 countries

I capture obsolete people's faces
What I am trying to do is make sure they leave a trace with their work

Mystery Choir releases new album BooCheeMish
The 12 remarkable music pieces offer a unique experience to fans, Australian singer Lisa Gerrard is a special guest

Where Jesus' eyes follow worshippers
Bulgarian screenplay wins award in Cannes
First 'new' Rembrandt in 44 years discovered
Alley of balconies found in Pompeii
Exhibition showcases artists of happiness
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