24 March, 2017
Too talented for too short
Paintings by Amedeo Modigliani are on display in Genoa

Conscience is the toughest inspector
I am prepared to be a knight but I prefer the role of preacher

Plamen Trifonov's shy photography
I like to document moments of history, says the young artist

Legion's home
Over 60 titles in Master of Art
Liverpool to celebrate famous Beatles album
Sitar master to play in Sofia
Make Art Not Friends
Parallel steps, parallel spaces
17 March, 2017
Brussels welcomes Millenium Festival
On its placard, there are 80 best documentaries from across the planet

Music is a door to another dimension
It is the most magnificent manipulator of the human brain

Swing back in vogue
Grandmother's shoes are the perfect attire for the dance floor

Monastery of healers
On the road with Kiarostami's photos
Austrian music weeks kick off in Sofia
Luxury tycoon Arnault to revamp Paris museum
Phones recognise artworks
10 March, 2017
Banksy opens art hotel in Bethlehem
The avant-garde graffiti artist worked on the project for 14 months

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything
I tried a little bit of everything and I finally settled on the early 1990s music

Catalan trio wins 2017 Pritzker
The architects have the ability to intensely relate the environment specific to each site

Bulgarian Jerusalem
Forgotten Franz Liszt opera brought to life
MadMoiselleMCH presents Triumph of Fame in Sofia
Scorsese reunites De Niro and Al Pacino in mob drama
MTV presents Varna Beach
Konchalovsky to make film about Michelangelo
3 March, 2017
Egon Schiele, always searching
An exhibition of his best known works sets the tone for commemoration of the 100th anniversary from his death

We felt like David facing Goliath
We received the Academy Plaque after 15 years of blood and tears

Anish Kapoor's perpetual whirlpool
The artist’s installation resembles a portal to another dimension

Keeper of the Danube
Opera prima with five encores in La Scala
Avant-garde artist survives being enclosed in boulder
Bulgarian treasures on display in Vienna
Pointillism is 38,000 years old
Sofia enthralled by VIVALDIANNO
24 February, 2017
Europe welcomes Marina Abramovic
The artist shows over 120 works and performance pieces

I want to blaze a trail
With cinema, that can happen more easily because everything remains on film

World's music elite gather in Rousse
Some 600 performers will take part in the international festival

Wonders on display
One life is not enough
Actor Tom Hanks with debut book
Corneliu Baba's works displayed in Sofia
Love prevails in Berlin
Place of spirituality in digital world
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