17 November, 2017
'Sami Blood' got LUX Film Prize
The movie tells the story of a reindeer-breeding girl

I try to listen to the child in me more often
I am gathering musicians from three continents for the concert in Sofia

Mendes big winner at MTV Europe awards
Irish rockers U2 were presented with a Global Icon award, in recognition of their decades at the top of the music industry

Where miracles happen daily
Greddy Assa's labyrinth
Kraftwerk rolls out 3D Autobann in Sofia
Episcopal Basilica vies for UNESCO Heritage List
Jean-Paul Gaultier tells his story in musical
10 November, 2017
Louvre opens doors in Abu Dhabi
The 'universal museum' is envisioned to showcase diversity in a multi-polar world, says Jean-Luc Martinez

I want to squeeze light out of the darkness
We try to deny pain and suffering but they exist and at some point crash down on us

Remaking Van Gogh
A Chinese artist recreates the Dutch master's self-portraits

Sentinels of time
Tate Modern showcases Soviet era
Vuillard wins Prix Goncourt
Bulgarian films nominated for European Oscars
Vassil Petrov opens Sardinia jazz festival
3 November, 2017
Kinomania takes over Sofia in November
The life and work of fine arts giants are brought to the silver screen

Carmen lives in all of us
The harmony between emotions and visuals in an opera production comes from the music

Hip-hop meets classical genre
Jennifer Weber presents a Moscow show based on Stravinsky music

Overseeing long extinct volcano
Part of Gurlitt collection put on display for first time
Art festival in London bets on European view
Tate presents French Artists in Exile exhibition
Met Opera star sings in Sofia
27 October, 2017
Show me magic
An exhibition marks the 20-year anniversary of the first Harry Potter book

Cinema needs good stories
The writer’s role is to bring back the true meaning of words

Carmen between freedom and love
Maestro Kartaloff offers a different treatment of Bizet's masterpiece

Where kings have lived
King of the Belgians nominated for EFA award
Albino Pitti abstractions in colour explode in Sofia
Renee Zellweger to star as Judy Garland in biopic
Munch greets Oslo airport passengers
20 October, 2017
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