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20 April, 2018
13 April, 2018
Zuckerberg survives testimony
But it's still unclear what Washington is going to do to fix Facebook data breach

Military option takes lead in Syria, as diplomacy suffers
The US and its European allies weigh how to punish Damascus regime for chemical attack

Macedonian cabinet wins confidence vote

May, Macron stand next to Trump on air strike, Merkel keeps distance
6 April, 2018
Netanyahu fails to keep balance
Israel scrapped just-signed deal with the UNHCR on African migrants relocation in Europe

Not quite united on Syria outcome
Turkey, Russia, Iran to rearrange cards as US plans troops withdrawal

Killing of Palestinians in Gaza 'calculated', HRW said

Shinzo Abe losing his grip on power
Donors pledge $2bn for humanitarian aid in Yemen
Malaysia outlaws fake news, sets jail term
30 March, 2018
Old enmity blows out in Kosovo
The ruling coalition was in danger of collapse as Serb List ministers resigned

Sisi won Egypt one-horse race
The current president, who took power after coup last year, secured second term despite low activity

Moldovans march en masse for unification with Romania

Netanyahu pressured to resign
North, South Korea fix April summit date
UN chief demands more efforts on peacekeeping
23 March, 2018
Putin wins by big margin
Russian President secured 6 more years in power amid increasingly strained relations with the West

Facebook scandal mounts like avalanche
Mark Zuckerberg called to testify in European Parliament and US Congress

Trump woos Saudi crown prince for new arms deals

After Afrin Turkey vows to expand Syria's clearing
Tear gas in Kosovo parliament
Sisi: Egypt not ready for democracy
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