9 December, 2016
EU Insights
H.E. Ambassador Marlene Bonnici, Permanent Representative of Malta to the European Union:
Malta emphasises on issues which citizens care about
Migration and security are the two hottest concerns for the Europeans and we will engage more actively in our neighbourhood to foster stability

Prof. Manfred Pohl:
Europe's destiny is a union from Lisbon to Novosibirsk
White ethnic groups at the continent will cede their domination, to be replaced by a multi-cultural society and attitudes

Vessela Tcherneva, Head of the Bulgarian office of the European Council on Foreign Relations:
If the EU wants to survive, it needs to redefine itself
The fate of the European project will probably crystalise in the first half of 2018 during the Bulgarian presidency of the Union

Europe has never liked borders
If there is one historical 'law', it is the law of movement

Leading straight into digital age
Europe must not miss out on the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is part of a much bigger story

Free Wi-Fi to make European cities connected

The Planet
Joint fire on terrorist propaganda
Internet giants will set up database with ‘fingerprint’ of extremist images and videos

Trump warns of 35% outsourcing tariff
Despite populist drive, Wall Srteet financiers in economic team

IS 'ejected' from Libya stronghold of Sirte

Icelandic Pirates in govt attempt
Aleppo Old City taken by Syrian army
Best of Italy cinema
The themed series of screenings features films released in the past three years and will tour four Bulgarian cities

Conductor maestro Stephen Barlow:
Conducting is a mystery
Symphony music and opera are among the most sophisticated demonstrations of humaneness, curiosity and unity

Art transformations at Haus Wittgenstein
Artists from Vienna show at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute

Masterpiece of Thracian painting
Artist Helen Marten wins Turner Prize
Palmyra antiques seized in Switzerland
Vanessa Redgrave makes directorial debut
Magnificent Six of Lyon
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