6 January, 2017
EU Insights
Money laundering charge awaits Tsvetan Vassilev in Luxembourg
The duchy’s prosecution has taken action against him because of his offshore companies

One in three firms expects economic growth this year
Half of the surveyed companies plan to invest in staff training and production capacity

9.5m tonnes handled by Port Varna in 2016

Plovdiv industrial zone seeks extra 5,000 employees
Ilhan Kyuchyuk, MEP and Vice President of ALDE:
Europe needs leaders who understand people's fears
Youth unemployment and the fact that European citizens are getting poorer are at the basis of pessimistic attitudes about the European project

Antoniy Todorov, political scientist and expert:
Elites have lost legitimacy, playing politics as business
Global tensions will persist in 2017 as a result of the markets' dominance and we are in for a long period of searching for a new democracy model

H.E. Ambassador Marlene Bonnici, Permanent Representative of Malta to the European Union:
Malta emphasises on issues which citizens care about

Never mind Article 50
Article 127 could be crucial to keeping Britain in the single market

Accession talks as priority
The migration crisis reminded the European Union of the strategic importance of the Western Balkans

First line of defence

The Planet
Putin's covert game to the US
Trump does not believe in Russian hacking but may keep sanctions imposed by Obama

More arrests and car bomb days after Istanbul club attack
Ankara links the use of Incirlik base with the US backup of its operations in northern Syria

Russia offers friendship and arms to Philippines

Syria clashes test fragile truce brokered by Russia, Turkey
Jazz storm sweeps Brussels stages
Three festivals to vibrate in gypsy swing and groovy rhythms

Master luthier Plamen Milcev:
A good ear is the secret
There is no way that we can be virtuoso players, but we must have a good ear for music in order to make a good instrument

Bulgarian modern art grande dame
The National Art Gallery presents never-before-seen paintings and drawings by Vera Nedkova

Under the spell of folk singing
13-year-old pianist to play in Carnegie Hall
Madrid shows Picasso masterpiece Guernica
Spain fiery ballet with first Bulgarian tour
Lucas shows his collection in museum
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