13 January, 2017
EU Insights
Alibaba to set up Europe logistics centre
The leading Chinese e-commerce group will include Bulgarian goods and foods in its product assortment

Cabinet adopts action plan to combat crime
The government is allocating another BGN 7m for police patrols; over 1,000 former military men hired as reinforcement

Germany donates 12 SUVs to Border Police

Cold freezes refugee flow to Bulgaria
World Bank raises forecast for Bulgaria until 2018
Unemployment of 7.1% lowest since 2009
Two ex-ministers and oligarch charged for scandalous deal
Col. Ivan Boyadzhiev, anti-terrorism expert:
Islamic State's approach: we will avenge and die only as a last resort
Years of experience have shown that terrorists are always one step ahead of security agencies, and that is unlikely to change

Ilhan Kyuchyuk, MEP and Vice President of ALDE:
Europe needs leaders who understand people's fears
Youth unemployment and the fact that European citizens are getting poorer are at the basis of pessimistic attitudes about the European project

Antoniy Todorov, political scientist and expert:
Elites have lost legitimacy, playing politics as business
Global tensions will persist in 2017 as a result of the markets' dominance and we are in for a long period of searching for a new democracy model

The 2016 lesson: How to reverse the EU's decline
Germany's loud and vocal support for Europe is essential for the survival of the Union

European prisons produce terrorists
Years ago, you could spot a jihadist from a mile away; now they are shaving their beards to blend into the crowd

Intergovernmentalism is here to stay

The Planet
Trump accuses US spy agencies
Secretary of State nominee Tillerson veers from president-elect on key foreign policy issues

Turkey starts debate on president powers
The new constitution could allow Erdogan to rule over until 2029

Iraqi forces make fresh gains in southeast Mosul

Macedonia seeks ruling coalition
Iceland moves closer to EU entry referendum
Defiant Bosnian Serbs demand more autonomy
Elbphilharmonie opens doors
The unique-looking building is the new symbol of Hamburg

Writer Vladimir Zarev:
There is no end to exciting topics
The important thing is that the writer speaks and stands up for the truth in his books

Virtuoso Shaham to play in Sofia
Maxim Eshkenazy will conduct the Classic FM Radio Orchestra in the upcoming concert

Crossroads of religions
La La Land wins record seven Golden Globes
Three opera prima donnas vie for best Norma
Spanish directors take over Instituto Cervantes
Young artist conquers Facebook
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