17 February, 2017
EU Insights
Yes, Bulgaria coalition crumbles before vote
The protesters have a falling out over candidate lists

CorpBank Robbery II
The Rousse shipyard’s assets have been moved through the books of several firms so as to be hidden from bankruptcy administrators

Prokopiev's grants to be audited

Debtor registers as lender
Mediapool misconstrues administrators' analysis
Even card cheats are less shameless
Glitch in fake news factory
Pinocchio, Mediapool and the cucumber
Pieter Cleppe, head of Open Europe Brussels office:
No one will win, if Brexit divorce goes very nasty
The best kind of deal is the one that allows the trade to be as open as possible, and it will be very problematic if we see Customs again

Mihails Kozlovs, Latvian Member of the European Court of Auditors:
Increasing EFSI is simply not justified
Policymakers should question the Commission whether the fund is attaining its goal, as extending it at this early stage is probably not the best strategy

Ingrid Shikova, Professor in EU policies:
The EU is being divided into core and periphery
Europe is losing citizens’ confidence, failing to change with sufficient speed and to adequately respond to the new circumstances

Global Britain and EU's future
If Europe does not wake up to reality soon, chaos lies just several referenda away

Ukraine's unimplemented anti-corruption reforms
The country's elite must produce more tangible results in order to earn the trust of the citizens and ease the growing fatigue among partners

The Planet
Master of artistic unexpectedness
Prof. Ivan Gazdov with Retrospective at the National Art Gallery

Violinist Ara Malikian:
The violin took away my childhood
Devoting your life to music requires a great deal of sacrifice

Queen of Trumpet competes in Sofia
Balkanitsa project is bringing together some of the most talented and beloved brass bands of Serbia

The King's monastery over Sofia
Nude male body on show
Bern and Bonn show Gurlitt collection
Blue Danube waltz turns 150 years old
And the first Oscar goes to...
Poetic presentiments
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