10 March, 2017
EU Insights
Grant recipients attempt image make-over
They are scrambling to raise oligarchic party Yes, Bulgaria's catastrophically low poll ratings

Bulgaria joins protest against double-standard food quality
It is unacceptable for EU companies to sell products containing harmful ingredients in eastern Europe

Lost in translation

Fake news factory's new member
Josef Janning, head of ECFR Berlin office and Senior Policy Fellow:
EU societies strength is ability to change
The integration could not be built against the will and interests of the people

Laszlo Csizmadia, chairman of the Civil Unity Forum in Hungary:
Soros stirs up conflict to fish in troubled waters
We always have to be on the alert when the issue is reforms proposed by the billionaire, because his ultimate goal is to profit from it

Kaloyan Simeonov, associate professor in EU policies:
The EU is not heading toward disintegration
Europe has always coped with crises, it has the resilience to do it again

Experts with no legal experience monitor Bulgaria
Vice-President of EC Frans Timmermans admits as much in response to the inquiry by MEP Emil Radev

France conquered
Or, who holds the key to election victory

Who keeps lunch company to EC official Joeri Tavanier in Sofia

The Planet
Banksy opens art hotel in Bethlehem
The avant-garde graffiti artist worked on the project for 14 months

Musician Wax Tailor:
Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything
I tried a little bit of everything and I finally settled on the early 1990s music

Catalan trio wins 2017 Pritzker
The architects have the ability to intensely relate the environment specific to each site

Bulgarian Jerusalem
Forgotten Franz Liszt opera brought to life
MadMoiselleMCH presents Triumph of Fame in Sofia
Scorsese reunites De Niro and Al Pacino in mob drama
MTV presents Varna Beach
Konchalovsky to make film about Michelangelo
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