24 March, 2017
EU Insights
BGN 220m more in revenues
BGN 3.23bn collected in taxes and fees over two months

Dobrin Ivanov, executive director of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association:
IT specialists choose Sofia over London
Demand for home-based jobs on the labour market is growing

Sofia Airport concession abandoned

Brussels praises Sofia projects
Belgian company Spadel buys Devin for €120m
Greece invests €2.5bn in Bulgaria in 2016
Radan says he is the only right wing
Patrice Muller, LE Europe Senior Managing Partner:
Single Market brought much more choice for all
Our study shows that the ultimate gains are for the EU citizens, competition rose and firms achieved bigger scale in production

Prof. Dr Eckart Stratenschulte, Director of the European Academy Berlin
Europe of different speeds already exists
Every EU member state has to come to its decision where to position itself

Josef Janning, head of ECFR Berlin office and Senior Policy Fellow:
EU societies strength is ability to change
The integration could not be built against the will and interests of the people

What will Europe look like in 2077
The EU next 60 years will be an uphill struggle with mindset and demographic problems

In search of patriotism
The current global political situation creates a sense of uncertainty and anxiety

Britain dives into deglobalising world

The Planet
Macedonia locked in crisis
The EU calls on the president and party leaders to respect the results of recent elections

Defeating ISIS: number one goal
The US urges coalition partners to keep the financial pledges

In 2017, Norway named world's happiest country

China backs 'two state solution'
Ukraine munitions blasts prompt mass evacuations
Ankara protests as Norway grants asylum to officers
Too talented for too short
Paintings by Amedeo Modigliani are on display in Genoa

Actress and director Nina Dimitrova:
Conscience is the toughest inspector
I am prepared to be a knight but I prefer the role of preacher

Plamen Trifonov's shy photography
I like to document moments of history, says the young artist

Legion's home
Over 60 titles in Master of Art
Liverpool to celebrate famous Beatles album
Sitar master to play in Sofia
Make Art Not Friends
Parallel steps, parallel spaces
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