31 March, 2017
EU Insights
Borisov: It is our duty to form government
Ruling coalition talks already launched last Friday

Five parties and coalitions enter new parliament
GERB wins 21 constituencies as well as the vote abroad, traditional right-wing organisations crash

OSCE: Elections were free and well-organised

Juncker congratulates the leader of GERB
Borisov and his party contribute to EU security
Gianni Pittella, President of S&D Group in the European Parliament:
We must override the austerity era
The status quo is unbearable and I think the positive message which the EU after Brexit is releasing is that we have to relaunch the European project

Patrice Muller, LE Europe Senior Managing Partner:
Single Market brought much more choice for all
Our study shows that the ultimate gains are for the EU citizens, competition rose and firms achieved bigger scale in production

Prof. Dr Eckart Stratenschulte, Director of the European Academy Berlin
Europe of different speeds already exists
Every EU member state has to come to its decision where to position itself

Exit will be 'very costly' for UK
Trump flirts with China, turns his back on Europe
The US president makes a dramatic change to his campaign stance on Beijing

Solidarity, unity, common rules
Leaders of 27 Member States pledged in Rome to work for a safe, secure, prosperous, sustainable, social and stronger Europe

Eastern Europe between EU and Russia

The Planet
NATO upgrades cyber defence
The Alliance is to spend €3bn on satellite and computer technologies over the next three years

Iran opens door for new friend Russia
Moscow can use its military bases on case by case basis

US leads international boycott of UN nuc talks

Turks start voting in Europe
Civilian deaths in Mosul trigger US investigation
China's 300,000 troops reduction on track
In remembrance of Auguste Rodin
Paris marks the 100th anniversary of the legendary sculptor's death

Actor Hristo Shopov:
I am in top form when working
I have often doubted whether this is what I should be doing

Like Crazy triumphs at Donatello awards
Oscar-winner Roberto Benigni hono—Éred with a Special David

Architectural reserve deep in the mountain
Fog consumes Tate Modern
At last Dylan agrees to get his Nobel prize
Stolen Van Gogh paintings back in Amsterdam
Soloists from Italy and Romania at Sofia Opera
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