28 April, 2017
EU Insights
GERB presented cabinet mandate
Borisov's party and the United Patriots signed the coalition agreement

Envoy on Youth candidate Petar Mladenov:
I aspire to become young people's voice in the UN
Those who develop policies and make decisions invite young people and pose for photos with them but never include their ideas in the final documents

Trade volume with Germany reaches over €6 billion

Record amount of heroin seized
Journalist Rumyana Ugarchinska:
Macron has attracted 'caviar left' supporters
What scares voters most is Le Pen’s idea to have France leave the EU

Margarete Hofmann, Director of Policy at the European Anti-Fraud Office:
The EU Prosecutor's office and OLAF need close ties
While the EPPO and the Member States will share competence, our Office will retain its full mandate for both fraudulent and non-fraudulent irregularities

Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB:
Eurozone economy is now gaining momentum
Since the crisis we have had serious concerns about deflationary risks, but now we can say that they have more or less disappeared

UN doesn't sleep. It writes, reads and does math
The world has changed and the organisation should somehow be overhauled too

Not all is lost for Turkish democracy
The thin margin of victory in the referendum would not give President Erdogan an easy time governing

Europe has to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Planet
Violence engulfs Macedonia
Protesters stormed parliament in Skopje after an ethnic Albanian was elected as its speaker

First 100 days of controversial steps
President Donald Trump's approval stuck at a record-low 41%

Protests rock Serbia

Ivanka at G20, female style
Netanyahu splits with Germany over NGOs
Egypt, US launch joint naval drills in Red Sea
Crossing visual borders
Belgian Frederik Buyckx has been named the winner of the 2017 Sony award for his winter landscapes

Actor Philip Avramov:
Death is the main character in war
Reality intrudes at the very sight of an authentic weapon

Tate Modern shows Women of Venice
Plaster sculptures by Alberto Giacometti reunited in London for the first time since they were made

Under Prophet Elijah aegis
Seeing yourself in another
Legendary Red Violin to sound in Plovdiv
Six writers shortlisted for Man Booker Prize
Nils Nova's parallel universe
Palme d'Or to be diamond encrusted
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