2 June, 2017
EU Insights
Bulgarian firms to modernise army
The national security strategy is set to be updated by the end of 2017

Over 30 foods compared with German and Austrian versions
The practice of selling lower quality products in eastern Europe continues

67 firms operate in Africa

Maas: Judicial reform shows marked progress
H.E. Kaja Tael, Permanent Representative of Estonia to the EU:
Our digital pillar is in all walks of life
Estonian Presidency has certain plans to advance paperless bureaucracy in the EU

Tsvetin Shilimanov, Macedonian political analyst:
Solving the crisis is dependent on SDSM
The implementation of even a part of the so-called Albanian Platform would further radicalise the already deeply divided public

Ognian Zlatev, Head of the European Commission's Representation in Bulgaria:
The future of the EU is a collective choice
Debates on the White Paper have been productive so far, many young people are involved, it is important to hear the citizens

Europe, Asia rediscover warmer ties
Trump's volatile policies and Brexit-inspired sense of urgency makes the EU more insistently look to the East

Europe needs its own defence spending metric
US president Donald Trump deliberately accuses NATO allies of 'owing' money for previous years

EU turned Brexit page faster than UK

The Planet
Trump pulls US out of Paris deal
The announcement sparks criticism at home and abroad, world leaders condemn the decision

Egyptian jets strike at IS bases in Libya
Cairo hits at militants responsible for killing Coptic Christians

Macedonia stalemate ends, Zaev cabinet voted

World becomes more peaceful
Afghanistan is far from being place of security
US ships weapons to Syrian Kurds
In full swing of flamenco
The stars of Ballet Nacional de Espana will perform in Sofia, Rousse and Varna with 50 elite dancers and an orchestra of 10 musicians

Choreographer Breandan de Gallai:
It is great to be on the edge of ecstasy
One can get addicted to the feeling of the moment right before culmination

Hokusai beyond the great wave
The British Museum shows masterpieces by one of Japan’s most famous and influential artists

Orpheus final resting place
Louis Eyer returns home
Machines based on Da Vinci plans presented in Bruges
Greddy Assa’s fantasy points of intersection
Vienna becomes rock capital
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