9 June, 2017
EU Insights
Germany to support Bulgaria in building Balkan Gas Hub
Prime Minister Borisov vows to help broker a normalisation of EU-Turkey relations

Common European defence would help improve security
Ministers, lawmakers and experts discussed the future of the continent at a forum in Sofia

Roadmap for gas infrastructure signed

Giles Merritt, Founder and Chairman of Friends of Europe:
Merkel's message is a warning to Trump
US President is right to criticise the Western allies, not because they don't spend enough on defence, but because they don't spend on the right things

H.E. Kaja Tael, Permanent Representative of Estonia to the EU:
Our digital pillar is in all walks of life
Estonian Presidency has certain plans to advance paperless bureaucracy in the EU

Tsvetin Shilimanov, Macedonian political analyst:
Solving the crisis is dependent on SDSM
The implementation of even a part of the so-called Albanian Platform would further radicalise the already deeply divided public

Why US firms want to stay in Paris accord
Climate change cannot be ignored, business looks for competitive advantage

Can EU follow Australia's refugee model
Turning back the boats and offshore processing presents legal difficulties as human rights are to be respected

Europe's forgotten migrant crisis

The Planet
Attackers bomb Iran parliament
The rare assaults leave 17 dead, Islamic state is claiming responsibility releasing a video

Severe diplomatic crisis shatters Gulf, Arab world
Saudi Arabia and few other states cut ties with Qatar blaming it with supporting terrorism

Montenegro joins NATO, draws Russia's anger

Kuwait leads mediation efforts, Turkey plans to deploy troops
Sofia Opera conquers medieval fortress
The performers will take part in two summer festivals, including a gig on a barge in the River Danube

Nazareth founder Pete Agnew:
We are older but still in shape
The world will never see music as it did back then, in the 1960s and 1970s

Objects come to life thanks to plastic eyes
The art of eyebombing makes us adopt a more positive outlook

At the Balkans threshold
Unknown Velazquez portrait at Prado Museum
French performers grab Benois de la Danse
Beigbeder visits Varna
Square 500 turns into Buddhist temple
First photo book exhibition in Sofia
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