8 December, 2017
EU Insights
Negligible party serves oligarchy
Litigation time limit for the plundering of CorpBank, Dunarit and Petrol is not up

Several websites and a TV channel clean up Tsvetan Vassilev's image
The media outlets serving the Bulgarian Madoff are diligently doing their part in lie machine of behind-the-scenes clique

Fake News Factory tangled up in its Peevski lies

Three years of hiding in Serbia
Peevski attacked by a third oligarchic party
Peevski caught in oligarchic crossfire
Joost Van Iersel, President of the EESC section EMU and Economic and Social Cohesion:
Data is comparable to oil and gas
The EU is on the right track, but we have to be aware that the rest of the world is extremely ambitious, which is the lesson from the past few years

Brexit deal final barrier
May has to satisfy interests in Dublin, Belfast and Brussels on Northern Ireland's future status to make talks progress

German politics at a crossroads
Angela Merkel would be better off in a minority government in such fragmented parliament

Bulgaria should focus on Corridor №8

The Planet
Trump's tax plan triggers mistrust
Some athletes can still compete in South Korea, but not under the state flag

Trump buries the hope of peace in the Middle East
US President ignored warnings from Western and Arab allies, opening Pandora's box

Switzerland tables plan to tackle extremism

Saleh murder will open deadlier phase in Yemen bloody conflict
Spirit of Europe takes over Sofia
The programme features works by composers from all Member States

Musicians Tina and Andy from NO MORE:
Sometimes we drop our heroes
We're a bit like Frankenstein, taking different parts from different styles and bringing them to life

Visegrad Quartet focal point of literary festival
The event is part of the Sofia International Book Fair

Masterpieces of gold and silver
European Heritage Label expands
60 painters and sculptors argue about reality
Anxieties of a genius seen by Konchalovsky
Vera Nedkova art shown in retrospective
Blazej Lniski's transformations
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