Passion for detail is the common denominator of various artists' unorthodox ideas in a group exhibition in Sofia
Art Gallery Paris in Sofia is celebrating its 14th anniversary in style with the group exhibition Realism, which is opened to visitors until 5 May. The show features some of the best contemporary representatives of realism, hyperrealism, surrealism and magic realism in Bulgarian painting. The exhibition’s motto is a thought popularised by famous German artist Max Beckmann: “If you wish to grasp the invisible, penetrate as deeply as possible into the visible.”
The National Art Gallery is preparing an exhibition of four generations of a particularly revered family
Irina Gigova
The history of Alicia Sancha’s family reads like a film script. Life has scattered members of her kin all over the world and keeps taking them in different directions.
Controversial artist shocks the audience once again
Damien Hirst has been quiet for a few years now, and his star has dimmed - as have his prices. So at the age of 51, it seems it's time for a little bit of reinvention for the British artist.
Where water of life flows
Adelina Lozanova
Nestled in the folds of south Mount Vitosha, some 50km away from Sofia, lies the village of Bosnek, often referred to as “the village of healing water”. It has earned its nickname thanks to a unique spring outside of the settlement that alternately gushes water and dries up. This curious pattern has apparently been going on for centuries as there is a 17th-century record of the esteemed Ottoman traveller Evliya Celebi describing it.
Bulgarian film in Cannes Festival's official selection
Directions, the latest project by Bulgarian filmmaker Ste­phan Komandarev has entered the official selection of the 70th Cannes Film Festival. It will compete in the section Un Certain Regard, which focuses on works that have original aims and aesthetics.
Kobra paints world's largest graffiti ever
Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra is creating the world’s largest graffiti, AFP reports. At nearly 6,000m2, the mural can be seen on the fa?ade of a chocolate factory by the side of a busy highway in Sao Paulo.
Italian trio IL Volo with Sofia concert
The Italian trio IL Volo is to perform on 30 June in Sofia accompanied on stage by a symphonic orchestra.
Bad boys of Signum quartet
Penka Momchilova, BTA
The bad boys of the Signum saxophone quartet conquered Bulgaria Hall in Sofia on 20 April. The experience turned out to be a rather unusual one as some in the audience probably wondered whether Signum were the Beatles reincarnate.
Museum of miniature opens in New York
The dozens of museums in New York are about to be joined by one dedicated to miniatures – Gulliver’s Gate.