The festival will provide a forum for #MeToo movement
The Berlin film festival started last Thursday with 400 new movies on the screen and an engagement for a panel discussion on sexual abuse and discrimination. A total of 24 films will be part of the festival's Competition, 19 of which will be eligible for the Golden Bear, the top prize awarded for Best Film, and the Silver Bears awarded for individual contributions such as best directing, acting and screenplay. Director, screenwriter, film composer, and producer Tom Tykwer heads the jury. The members are actress Cecile de France (Belgium), photographer and former director of the Filmoteca Espanola Chema Prado (Spain), producer Adele Romanski (USA), composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (Japan), and film critic Stephanie Zacharek (USA).
I love using modern mechanisms to approach traditional opera and to make all generations understand it
Neyka Krasteva
Family circumstances, as my husband's work brought us first to Sofia and then to Belgrade. Developing Operosa in the Balkans has been an exciting time and I look forward to many new plans and projects. The Balkan region has a very special vibe. It is just the right size and it has a bit of everything for a private or professional life.
New pedestrian boulevard will be cut through it in order to connect the Champs Elysees with the River Seine
France unveiled last Monday a spectacular near half-billion-euro overhaul of the Grand Palais in Paris, one of its most beloved buildings, driving a new pedestrian boulevard through it to link the Champs Elysees with the River Seine.
Spiritual heart of northwest Bulgaria
Adelina Lozanova
Nestled in a stunningly beautiful valley in the western part of The Balkan Range, at the foot of the Todorini Kukli peak near the resort town of Varshets, some 60km to the north of Sofia lies the Klisura Monastery “Saints Cyril and Methodius”, often referred to as the spiritual centre of northwest Bulgaria.
Little Prince brings artists together
A joint exhibition by representatives of three different art genres - printing, photography and painting, respectively Dezso Szanto, Bela Bernolak and Antal Jozefka, was opened on 13 February at the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia.
Lost Klimt drawing discovered in cupboard
A drawing by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, which disappeared from a museum collection, has been found after the death of a former museum's secretary, news wires reported.
Thirty international artists define ex libris in Varna
In its first exhibition for 2018, the Largo Art Gallery in the Black Sea city of Varna is offering art connoisseurs a wonderful collection of prints by artists from across the world, all participants in its 2014 and 2016 Exlibris International Competition.
Valentin Angelov's painted dreams
Artist Valentin Angelov is telling us the stories of his dreams with a series of oil paintings, pastels, drawings and collages.