H. E. Krzysztof Krajewski, Ambassador of Poland to Bulgaria:
The negotiations with the UK should be level-headed and focused on the future of our relations in order not to lead to further disintegration of the EU
Svetoslav Stefanov
The EU has found itself in a very difficult situation. There are many reasons for it, and I do not want to go into details. Let me focus on the EU's future. In my opinion, we need to build a new Europe based on the same values but significantly changed in terms of institutional capacity, attitude towards the Member States and their sovereign right to make independent decisions.
US President is right to criticise the Western allies, not because they don't spend enough on defence, but because they don't spend on the right things
Maria Koleva, Brussels
We can’t tell exactly what she meant, but it is clearly intended to be a warning to Trump that we Europeans are not going to sit and be disregarded and insulted. But what this actually means in hard political terms is very unclear, and I think deliberately unclear.
Estonian Presidency has certain plans to advance paperless bureaucracy in the EU
Maria Koleva, Brussels
- First of all, we have identified the files which will be left on our table and that we by ourselves will put on the table, and we have categorised them under four big headings.