Patrice Muller, LE Europe Senior Managing Partner:
Our study shows that the ultimate gains are for the EU citizens, competition rose and firms achieved bigger scale in production
The ultimate gains are for the EU citizens as the Single Market improves their standard of living. Since early 1990s the GDP per capita is boosting by 1.7%, on average in the EU, as a result of integration and this amounts to €250bn per year. The EU Single Market basically allows firms to achieve bigger scale in production, it increases the competition and innovation and allows people to find jobs. All these are elements by which were increased the standards of living.
Every EU member state has to come to its decision where to position itself
Nadia Ilieva
For a long time the EU was following the concept of different speeds. This means: we all have the same goal but we do not reach it at the same time. Take the Euro or Schengen as examples. The treaty says: The Euro is the currency of the EU.
The integration could not be built against the will and interests of the people
Rumyana Kotchanova
Jean-Claude Juncker is acknowledging a development that has built up over recent years. The level of fragmentation has reached a new height in the course of the refugee crisis; decisions taken by the Council were not and are not respected by a number of EU governments.