Pieter Cleppe, head of Open Europe Brussels office:
The best kind of deal is the one that allows the trade to be as open as possible, and it will be very problematic if we see Customs again
Maria Koleva, Brussels
It is clear that Trump has a very different view on the EU than any other of his predecessors. I wouldn’t necessarily call it hostile to the EU, but he is certainly indifferent to it. He has given the impression that he really couldn’t care less if the EU collapsed. That’s of course a big change, given the fact how important the United States still are in any foreign policy and related issues in Europe.
Policymakers should question the Commission whether the fund is attaining its goal, as extending it at this early stage is probably not the best strategy
Maria Koleva, Brussels
We have to look at the latest regulation that is now in force and we have to understand that the co-legislator has envisaged the discussion about an extension in 2018, based on evaluation and track-record of implementation of EFSI that would allow assessing whether it meets all its objectives.
Europe is losing citizens’ confidence, failing to change with sufficient speed and to adequately respond to the new circumstances
Nadia Ilieva
I remember being asked that same question in 2010 and here we are, seven years later, and the EU is still standing.